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The Central Florida Chapter thanks its members, volunteers from Canada, U.S. Kingston, and Montego Bay, who traveled to that school on the hill called Alvernia in order to help in the health fair. We are so appreciative of your time for those two eventful days. Thanks for the support of Mrs. G. Cherian (Principal), Staff, Bishop C. Dufour and all contributors (listed below). To all past students, your donations/contributions played a major role in our success, kudos to everyone!

An  incredible health fair was hosted on April 14th and 15th, a total of 1,280 students and 60 staff members including custodians, received a host of screenings- which included blood pressure;  blood sugar; vision, and BMI. There were interactive sessions including instructions on how to do self breast exams and promoting dental hygiene. We had two panels of alumnae leading discussion groups to both the upper and lower classes. “Care Bags” containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, brochures, pads, pencils, deodorant, shoe polish and other gift items were given out to the students and staff.
 Our Opening Ceremony was held in the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Montego Bay which flowed smoothly as planned. The Most Rev. C. Dufour and Rev. N. Peart (Guidance Counselor) led us in prayers. Mrs. G. Cherian gave an enlightening speech acknowledging our chapter and encouraged students to make at least one health change. Dr. Delroy Frey (Sr. Medical Officer Cornwall Regional Hospital) delivered a sound message emphasizing the importance of taking care of our bodies and empowered each student to make healthy lifestyle changes. The Ceremony culminated with the presentation of a donated Defibrillator.

 All students were given an evaluation sheet providing us with some valuable feedback. The data collected will be reviewed and we plan on offering suggestions or propose programs. Students with abnormal screening results will be monitored and referred to a doctor for follow up.

 In summary, the student’s survey indicated that they learned more about health and wellness topics by participating in the fair. Both participants and volunteers reflected the health fair was enjoyable, informative and provided an opportunity to have a meaningful interaction with each other.


We wish to acknowledge and thank the following contributors. We appreciate your acts of kindness.

  • Wisynco Distributors, Jamaica - Providing Water and Cranberry Juice to all at the Fair.
  • Dr. Frey – Guest Speaker
  • Mrs. Marlene Stephenson DalleyMedia Coverage Power 106 Interview "Honoring Kindness" a salute to our chapter for two weeks.
  • KLAZ FM Featured "The Day's Event Our First Health Fair "
  • Hot 102  Focused on 'The Hosting of our First Health Fair, with a focus on the need for Mental Health Awareness among the student population"
  • Hot 102: Featured us on the Jump Start Program as we recapped our first day's activities and
    showcase a little more about our Chapter
  • The following press releases were issued:
    • The Western Mirror Published April 13th. 2011
      "Mt. Alvernia Central Florida Alumnae hosts Health Fair: The Mt. Alvernia High School Alumnae Central Florida USA Chapter (MAHSCFL) will host its first Health Fair at the school’s campus in Montego Bay on April 14 and 15 2011……

    • The Western Mirror - Published April 23, 2011
      "Past Students support Mt. Alvernia: The Central Florida chapter of past students from the Mt. Alvernia High School, Montego Bay, in an effort to promote an awareness of simple health initiatives and increase personal health awareness through screening and education........

               The Gleaner "Western Focus" April 14Th 2011.
  • Ministry of Education
  • Director and Staff of Food for the Poor
  • Gregory S.Dyer,D.D.S., M.S.  Tampa, Fl.-
  • McIllwain Pediatric Dentistry - Tampa, Fl.  - 
  • Oscar Menendez,D.D.S., F.A.G.D., P.A.  Palm Harbor, Fl.
  • Maxine Moncrieffe,D.D.S., P.A. Orlando ,Fl.
  • Louis P. Cerillo, D.D.S. ,P.A. Tampa, Fl.
  • Dr. Joan Carter Tampa, Fl.
  • SunGard Public Sector Inc, Lake Mary, Fl.
  • Dr. Jacqueline Chambers Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Dr. Judith Neatley-Roberts Montego Bay , Jamaica
  • Dr. Carl Zollicoffer, Port St. Lucie, FL.
  • Denise Joseph-Zollicoffer, Port St. Lucie, Fl.
  • Ann Chapman, Party Extreme. Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • MAHS Central FL Chapter Exec Board and members
  • Garnett Flash Chang   
  • Donette Zacca
  • Blanch  Reid
  • Catherine Martin
  • Della Manley (Magnus)
  • Jennifer Reid
  • Joan Clarke Sergeant
  • Sylvia Lindsay
  • Pauline Barker
  • Sandra Chin Hugh
  • Bobbeth Buchanan
  • Ingrid Holness
  • Carol Cunningham
  • Carol Jarrett
  • Shirley Woozencroft
  • Joy Crawford
  • Karen Morris Clarke
  • Sr. Marita Francis
  • Althea Glenn Wright
  • Karen Glenn Flash
  • Gillian Wright Barrett 
  • Orville Barrett
  • Heather Isaac Jackson
  • Diana Mowatt
  • Don Jones
  • Dawn Dewar
  • Patsy Bowes
  • Crescent Miller
  • Dawn Jones






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