MAHS Health Fair exceeds expectations, surpasses last year's success!  

MAHS Central Florida Alumnae health Fair 2012

Our chapter hosted its second Health Fair from March 28-30th, 2012 on the Mt Alvernia School’s campus in Montego Bay. Opening ceremony sparked with emcee Mrs. Marline Stephenson Dalley, alumna, class of 1980, followed by our guest speaker Dr. Maislyn Christie, alumna, class of 1978, and an adolescent pediatrician, who delivered an inspirational speech.


MAHS Tennis Team
MAHS Track Team

A collaborative discipline of alumnae including physicians specializing in the field of pediatrics, primary care, gynecology, ophthalmology, along with a nurse practitioner, dietician, pharmacist, nurses and non-health care providers travelled from the United States and met with local volunteers. All alumnae came together to assist in raising the platform of health awareness.

The core of this event highlighted more than 50 alumnae interacting with students to enrich and share tools and techniques and engaged them in basic screenings of BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar and vision.

They gained hands on experience with the aid of modules and mannequins. They also learned how to perform a breast self-exam, C.P.R. and the Heimlich maneuver. A nurse practitioner and physicians offered one on one counseling sessions to students which added a new dimension to the fair.

This year's theme and the focus of the discussion groups was 'Empowerment'. Students soon became assertive, developing trust as they searched for answers to their questions. An overwhelming need was filled, as our alumnae offered tips for personal well-being, ranging from healthy food choices, career counseling, bullying, depression, domestic violence and assault.

MAHS Tennis Team
MAHS Tennis Team

In promoting "Health and Wellness", we acknowledged our junior and senior netball, tennis and track teams. They were given personal water bottles and team coolers .We are proud to report 14 students qualified to participate in Girls Champs in Kingston, on March 27th, 2012. Basket balls were donated to the Sports Department as there is an expressed interest to start a basketball team. A generous donation of bibles were also handed over to the I.C.F. Group .

MAHS Tennis Team
MAHS Netball Star

Tara-Gaye Heaven, student of Mt Alvernia High, has made the Jamaica under Sixteen National Netball Team. She flew out on March 30th, 2012 to Birmingham, U.K. Congratulations, Tara-Gaye!

Before closing the Health Fair, we were pleasantly surprised by the staff and student body who hosted a short concert. Our volunteers were very touched by this unexpected performance. The dance group was phenomenal, poetry – beautiful; singers warmed our hearts and brought tears to our eyes.


The many "Thank Yous!" were echoed all throughout the program. We are very proud recipients of our certificates of appreciation which were presented to us by our students.

Health and Wellness is a dynamic process that is always changing including social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects and are critical components to an optimal state of well-being. In summary, a substantial body of literature and information was disseminated amongst the students. We administered more than 1,300 screenings, many of which we identified as abnormal findings, from blood sugar, visual and blood pressure indices. Many of these participants have limited access to affording visits to primary health care providers. We will make recommendations to our Principal and school health nurse to collaborate and help monitor, maintain and educate students about their own health.


Thank You to the following sponsors, contributors and volunteers. Without your support we would not have accomplished our goals. We appreciate your acts of kindness.

Health Fair Sponsors and Contributores

  • The Western Mirror  April 4th 2012
  • Montego Bay Ice Company
  • Dr. Maislyn Christie
  • Father Clarke
  • Mrs. Marlene Stephenson Dalley  Montego Bay Jamaica
  • Dr. Lauren Williams- Jacksonville FL
  • Drs. Andrea & Barry Findlater-   FL
  • Elizabeth Martin Canada
  • Florida Hospital- Altamonte Springs Fl
  • Vanessa Titus  Eulette- Atlanta Georgia
  • Mrs. Williams- Montego Bay Jamaica
  • Mrs. G  Cherian- Montego Bay Jamaica
  • Grace Dewar James- Miami Fl.
  • Shorron Levy
  • Thais Forbes
  • Patsy Bowes Rachel Waldermar
  • Ministry of Education
  • Director and Staff of Food for the Poor
  • Georgia Lions Club
  • Richard M. Lennon, D.M.D., Tampa, FL
  • Gregory S.Dyer,D.D.S., M.S.  Tampa, Fl.
  • McIllwain Pediatric Dentistry - Tampa, Fl.
  • Oscar Menendez,D.D.S., F.A.G.D., P.A.  Palm Harbor, Fl.
  • Louis P. Cerillo, D.D.S. ,P.A. Tampa, Fl.
  • Dr. Joan Carter Tampa, Fl.
  • Denise Joseph-Zollicoffer, Port St. Lucie, Fl.
  • Angela Burgess
  • Sherri Williams
  • Yvonne Riggon Simms
  • Dr. S. Lal Tampa Fl
  • Dr. Donna Chrisanderson New Jersey
  • MAHS Central FL International Chapter Exec Board & members

Health Fair Volunteers

Garnett Flash Chang, Della Magnus Manley, Jennifer Reid, Joan Clarke Sergeant, Bobbeth Buchanan, Ingrid Holness, Shirley Woozencroft, Joy Crawford, Mrs. Christie, Sr. Marita Francis,  Althea Glenn Wright , Karen Glenn Flash, Diane Mowatt, Don Jones, Dawn Dewar, Patsy Bowe, Crescent Miller, Dawn Jones, Dr. C Scarlett, Dr. C Bedassee, Karen Bedassee, Judith Clark Falloon Reid, Angela Brissett Martin, Janet Barnett, Bev Chin Winstanley, Beverly Smith Pryce, Percy Pryce, Celia Spence Malcom, Dana Jones, Alex Ball, Rachel Waldermeir, Lucille Hinds, Jean Ricketts Brooks-Lindsay, Carol Ljung, Yvonne Young Latty, Joan Kerr, Janet Baldie, Carol Burke, Dr. Harris McIlwain, Dr. Sheryl Sharpe,Clinton Mcleish, Gloria Johnson Smith, Sasha Robinson, Kathleen Robinson, Dennis HoSue, Nancy Young Jackson.


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