A Visit with Miss McLellan  

October 30, 2010


Miss L. McLellanOn Saturday, October 30th, 2010 a small group representing the Central Florida Alumni Chapter visited with Miss McLellan. This visit evolved from a search intended to seek publication rights to her version of the school's history. We were pleased to learn of her residence at the Amy Muschette Home for the Aged in Duncans, Trelawny, Jamaica where she has been living since her retirement earlier this year.

A surprise planned with the Matron:
At 10:00 a.m. Miss McLellan was well-dressed, not knowing of the occasion. She said, "just passing the time looking out.". A smile welcomed each alumna, "...you played music" or " I remember you, your name is.....”, if she recalled. Her recollection is SHARP, sometimes a bit slow but accurate.

The moments of laughter we shared as we reminisced on those days: "Remember how you pulled the hem of our uniforms?" or " You commented on the colour of bubbles in our hair." Even though it was a Saturday downtown in a store, it still mattered.

The Memories:
Double Math period, Oh YES! She had us girls doing the exercise “‘The Grand Old Duke of York". We all did well, we passed the test. How could we forget all those theories even after 30+ years? We had to remember: circumference of a circle; Pythagoras Theorem, sine = opposite over hypotenuse.

So proud of us, she remarked, “Thank you God, I taught them well, that they can now teach their own children. I am so proud of all of you, looking good and to know I played a role in your life's success.” At age 90, "Miss Mac" (as we all fondly called her) passes her time reading the newspaper, and expressed her love of reading Adventure books of young boys and girls. Someone asked, "Have you heard of Harry Potter?"... "Harry who?" We all chuckled!

Miss Mac's humour was relentless, she even shared some of her own life's secret experiences. Did you know in her days parents did not tell their children where babies came from? She confessed, “I did steal and peek at a book under the bed and looked at the pictures.” “In those days, it was a hardcover book tied with a string. I timed it right, I introduced a cousin to view it, it was written in good English and we got to see what was not to be seen.” “I was supposed to be angelic, but was inquisitive.” she said.

Message:A Visit with Miss McLellan
We asked Miss McLellan what message she would like to share with other past students. With A big smile and a strong voice, “It has been reported and I have read that I was dead, but I am very much ALIVE! I now live in a nursing home, and to clarify, it's not for the sick or mentally deranged, because I am still intact.”

Miss L. McLellan welcomes visitors, letters, phone calls, prayers and any act of kindness. Below is her personal contact information, should you care to get in touch with her:

Her date of birth is 02-23-1920
Phone# 876-954-2424 (Nursing home), ask for Matron
Address: Miss L. McLellan, C/O Amy Muschette Home for the Aged Duncans, Trelawny, Jamaica W.I.

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